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Master Study Plan (study Plan for Master Degree Program)  


Research Background


To begin with, I would like to express my gratitude that I can provide a description of my career history and future goals. In the era of globalism, humanity has come to many levels of research, which every day enter into the daily life of a person as a whole. In my understanding, this rhetoric is more focused on Geological research, since I am interested in technologies that have become the main feature of the study of minerals and deposits  of energy resources today. In order to contribute to the development of technologies that give the right to facilitate difficult investigations, which include applied geological fields such as Geomorphology and Geophysics, Geological Exploration, and Geodynamic basis. I would like to note that now more and more technologies are being introduced in the research and exploration of Oil and Gas, the sphere in which my interest is based on since most of the progress and development is due to rapid advances in computer science and information technology, the introduction and study in the field of exploration have more and more development potential. But despite the fact that computers facilitate the visual part of research more, it is human labor that is needed in Geology, with the help of which we cannot do, since we live in a world where there are more and more new discoveries to which it is worth bringing a great consensus. After graduating from my university, I decided to do research in Geology more related to Geomorphology and Geological Exploration, Hydrogeology. At the moment, I have chosen this area as my career.

Since my childhood, when I was a schoolboy, I had a strong inclination towards scientific subjects with a constant desire to experiment and try something new, to explore and analyze data.

For undergraduate studies, I chose my field of interest and entered the Faculty of Applied Geology at the American University of Central Asia, Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan. I am glad to report that I proved myself an excellent side while studying in this field and strengthening my skills and knowledge. More, I quickly absorbed and assimilated information and knowledge on such subjects as Mineralogy, Hydrogeology, Environmental Management, GIS research and analytics, Structural Geology, Geomorphology and Landscape studies, and Stratigraphy, geological exploration. The grandiose assimilation of knowledge in the above-mentioned fields gave me a solid foundation in the theoretical concept for research in mineral exploration.

Along with scientists, I am glad to declare my affiliation and activity in social work aimed at the prosperity of human lives. I happened to participate in the Conference on Youth and Social Innovation, which encourages the younger generation to demonstrate their skills and innate talent and be motivated to innovative thinking. I also graduated and have a second degree in Social Entrepreneurship. I also participated in Geological exploration of gold mines, hydrogeological studies of groundwater.

My academic experience in the field of research and experiments includes the creation of GIS scripts that give us the opportunity to study mineral deposits and their tertiary finding. I participated in international research in the study of groundwater at the Russian Academy of Sciences, which provided an opportunity to master the mathematical and geophysical analysis of the study of deposits. The project was aimed at introducing opportunities to solve exploration programs that could solve problems in the structure of production and deposit analysis.

The above-mentioned projects gave me an idea of various fields of Geological Exploration, which led me to continue my professional training and continue it in the field of Oil and Gas Geology. I also received information about various aspects of teamwork and team leadership skills that will best help me in my further master’s degree and oil and gas exploration studies.

Keen Interest

 After receiving a bachelor’s degree from the aforementioned faculty, my interest in geological exploration intensified and gave me a reason to make efforts to find ways to study and research. Even though, I want to give myself the opportunity to create such systems with the introduction of strategies for geophysical exploration of minerals. In addition to my personal interest, the reason for studying this particular field is my right to fulfill my duties as a citizen of Kyrgyzstan, which obliges me to return my two cents in the form of research and creating opportunities for young people who could benefit from my knowledge, getting information from my research. Having gone through all my experience and university education, I came to the decision to get a master’s degree at the Department of Oil and Gas in Azerbaijan, since this country is rich in mineral, water, and natural resources, which gives many interested people the opportunity to study at home, only the atmosphere of life in Azerbaijan gives a reason to take on opportunities improve your knowledge in the field of Geology. Being an avid reader and a tech-savvy person, I constantly keep myself up to date with the latest technological advances and research topics that not only broaden my horizons, but also introduce me to the latest global achievements in the field of Geological Exploration. This ignited a spark in me to conduct extensive research in the field of Geophysical Analyses. For me, it would open my eyes to how deeply to understand the technology and its values for the well-being of the geological community.

Chosen Area

 Why I chose geological exploration, the fact is that this area is the main carrier in Applied Geology, since through it you can get to a more in-depth study of minerals and the structure of the earth as a whole. lots of possibilities, and also completely intriguing. This area fascinates me because I dive quite deeply into exploring the possibilities and positively answer questions that cannot yet be answered with the help of investigations and an analytical approach to identifying important data.

Why Azerbaijan and my contribution to the development of research in Azerbaijan?

 Azerbaijan is one of the main suppliers of progressive educational standards in Europe, so this program has impressed me since I grasped the meaning and realized the importance of high-quality education provided by Khazar University, Baku Higher School of Petroleum, and Azerbaijan State University of Petroleum and Industry. But my preference is for the Baku Higher School of Oil and the Khazar University. I believe that the university I have chosen is lucky that it employs exceptionally outstanding teachers

who can identify the best talents and turn their chosen candidates into seeds of progress  in the world. Accordingly, I believe that a connection with the teaching staff at the institute I want would give me an excellent opportunity to continue my career in the field of Oil and Gas exploration, research, and experiments. In addition to the favorable conditions that Azerbaijan currently creates for studying and research, I am looking forward to the opportunity to get acquainted with the best representatives of Azerbaijani culture – especially with those aspects that have allowed Azerbaijan to become almost a world mining industry. I also believe that Kyrgyzstan, which likes to be a reliable partner of Azerbaijan, needs to adopt several progressive tactics from Azerbaijan – both in geology and in the development of technologies to obtain global benefits. I will do my best to be useful to Azerbaijan and its society.

In conclusion, I would like to say that I am fully aware that a career in Exploration research and academic activities requires a high level of intelligence, unwavering dedication, and great sacrifices. I am sure that I would meet all the above requirements and, if I were given a scholarship, I would prove that I am the best researcher and inventor in the field of Petroleum Geology. Consequently, I appeal to the Admissions Committee with a request to consider me for admission.


Sincerely, Mamedov Emir.